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Projects to inspire you 

Check out my instagram to find out what I have been up to each week, (garden projects can take a while).

Urban Oasis

Award winning design - shown on Gardeners World: a beautiful and low maintenance urban garden, which also supports wildlife.

GWL_Urban oasis_overview.JPG

Nordic style retreat

Three spaces, to eat and entertain, to enjoy the scent of plants, and to relax late into the evening; inspired by nordic style.


Hampshire hillside garden

Design to unite a house and its (unloved) garden, bring light into the house, extend use across the whole year and create new spaces for entertaining and escaping from work.


Front garden wow factor 

Redesign and planting of exposed front garden, for residence to drought, heat tolerance (and deluge rain), creating an interesting and attractive new space from an unloved lawn. 


Relaxed luxury and family play

A playful woodland garden to be enjoyed all-year round, with grown-up parties and family fun outdoors - featuring lit dining and lounge areas,  woodland firepit, with great views from the house and a new secure driveway -  to complement a extensive renovation 


A garden escape

A garden to escape to after a long day - with plenty of space for entertaining the whole crew.  Taking inspiration from some favourite places, a large dining area immersed in scented planting, leads on to a boardwalk and personal sanctuary, accompanied with gently bubbling water in a woodland meadow.

34 OPC_con D_col_edited.jpg

Family back garden 

Replacing an old swimming pool with a flexible garden for family life and relaxation.


Making the most of the landscape

Making use of all the space around a Lakeland barn, to balance well-being, practicality and the wider landscape.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 09.54.39.png

Family garden refresh

Taking the opportunity to create a beautiful entertaining space, as the children grow up.


The eye of the storm

Concept for show garden, representing the turmoil of living with cancer and the calm haven and headspace provided.


Adding privacy, personality and value

Design for a new executive home in Berkshire, increasing privacy, making the most of the views, creating a refuge from the pressures of work.


Wildlife haven 

Immersing a new extension in a garden that will be full of birds, butterflies and beauty all year round.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 11.20_edited.jpg

Four-season scent: planting planning

coming soon


Refreshed borders make all the difference

Creating a harmonious and uplifting view from the house with a new planting scheme, incorporating personal favourites.

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