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Stone Wall

Design process




As a first step, we’ll meet at your property to get a sense of your project;

What you’re hoping to achieve: 

  • functionally (how you want to use your garden e.g., entertaining, relaxing, storing bicycles, etc), 

  • aesthetic style and experience, (the look and the feeling your want for and from your garden).


We’ll walk around the space noting features such as views, any issues to solve (e.g., overlooking neighbours, drainage), existing plants, the soil and aspect, any local planning considerations.


Based on our meeting, I’ll provide a summary of the brief you have given and cost proposal for any following steps.

Design process


Site survey and analysis

Depending on the scale of the project, we’ll arrange a full topographic survey which will give us the detailed information on the property and the existing features that we need to produce accurate designs.


I’ll re-visit the site to do a detailed site analysis, which will also include a follow-up meeting with you to finalise your brief and clarify any details that have arisen from the survey or site analysis.

Image by Avel Chuklanov


Outline design-concept

Based on all the information we’ve gathered, I’ll produce a draft design concept for your (future) garden. You’ll receive an overview design and mood board which will give you a feel for what the completed garden will be like.  We’ll review this together and refine it if needed.


Detailed plans 

Based on the concept design and your comments, the design will be finalised and a detailed Masterplan created, which shows the layout, measurements, and materials for the garden to be implemented. This can also include indicative costings and technical drawings for bespoke-built elements such as pergolas or paving – which will be required by your chosen landscaper.

Building Plans


Build - installation

We can provide project management services to help oversee the construction of your garden once you have appointed your chosen landscaper.  We can also help you to source a reputable landscaper for hardscape elements if required.

Having detailed plans (04) is essential to being able to ensure you select the best supplier for any landscape construction.

Note: Construction Tendering 

You may already know the landscaper you want to use for the construction aspects of your new garden space, or, I can help you find and select a suppler(s) with the appropriate skills and value.  


Planting plans, sourcing and planting

I can provide bespoke planting plans, whether as part of a overall design project or to rejeuvenate an existing garden/ border.

I'll develop planting plans, to achieve the garden style (and maintenance level) we’ve discussed. I can source the plants, set them out once on site and arrange professional planting. Once installed, I’ll provide a short maintenance guide for the plants chosen.

Image by Erda Estremera
Image by Markus Spiske


Follow-up visits and maintenance

I’ll arrange follow-up visits to ensure that the planting is taking as expected, and to tweak the design where necessary.

I can provide ongoing seasonal maintenance as needed.

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