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Advice, ideas and plans

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When you just need help getting started, or you need some ideas to tackle a specific issue

A bespoke Garden Design Consultation based on your needs - whether they are; 

  • working out a plan to tackle a large landscape in stages, so that it feels less overwhelming,  

  • solving a particular issue such as improving your privacy, reducing noise, screening an unattractive view,

  • finding simple changes to refresh your current garden into your desired style,

  • reducing the amount of maintenance your landscape needs.

I will work with you to give you fresh inspiration or help you to consolidate your vision, with solutions that will work specifically in your garden.

Consultations typically involve an initial call followed by site visit, where we tackle a range of questions and options, to develop a guided solution bespoke to your garden and lifestyle.

These can be a one-off visit, or arranged on a quarterly basis can provide some essential advice or design tweaks to keep your garden in good shape.

Visits are accompanied with a site report and summary of solutions and/or actions, and can be arranged on half or full day basis, plus follow up.

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Beautiful, practical gardens for all,

Designed for you in my studio, Bursledon, Hampshire.

Coastal, country, town gardens -for real life.

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